My journey to helping you

My journey is a testament to the incredible strength that resides within the human spirit. At just 17, I embraced the role of a young mother, facing a multitude of challenges that taught me invaluable life lessons. Through this experience, I learned the art of adaptability, rising above chaos, and the unwavering resilience required to provide for the well-being of my family. This transformative chapter in my life illuminated the profound truth that with unwavering determination, I could create any possibility.

In 2020, amid the backdrop of a global pandemic and the recent loss of my father in 2019, I faced a different kind of battle. Crippling anxiety and depression threatened to engulf me, leading me on a quest for healing that traditional therapies couldn’t quite reach. I discovered that my emotional pain was manifesting physically, causing chronic digestive issues, PTSD nightmares, extreme fatigue, and a deepening depression that even pushed me to contemplate suicide. However, it was precisely at this darkest moment that I experienced a profound spiritual awakening. I turned to my father and a higher power for guidance, receiving a sign that led me to take a leap of faith and seek help from an Emotion Code Practitioner.

Under the guidance of this practitioner, I experienced a remarkable transformation, witnessing real and tangible results. It was during this journey of healing that I discovered my true calling in life: to empower others through energy healing. Committed wholeheartedly to this life’s work, I now dedicate myself to helping individuals break free from emotional burdens, find self-confidence, and unlock their true potential. My journey from a young mother facing adversity to a compassionate healer is an inspiring testament to the incredible possibilities that await when we tap into our inner strength and embrace our life’s purpose.

My credentials

  • Certified Body Code Practitioner
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

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